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► <span><strong>Blinq Launcher is the fastest and elegantly designed homescreen replacement based on Android 5.0 Lollipop aosp launcher.</strong></span> ◄

<strong>Prime version now gets a 20% price cut, its a limited period offer, so grab your Prime version Now!</strong>

The version 2.0 is completely designed as per Lollipop's beautiful Material Design but keeping all the amazing features intact.

<em>"Gesture Like a Boss"</em>- <strong>Android Authority</strong>


<span><span>Its Smart, Blazing Fast and Amazingly Different.</span></span>

<strong>Blinq "Gesture Anywhere".</strong>

Do everything with ease, assign any gesture to anything you like on your phone and make it happen with just a few swipes of your finger, from anywhere on your phone!

★Blinq launcher is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop aosp launcher.

★It is the fastest Lollipop based launcher.

★It offers way more customization than Google Now Launcher or any other launcher.

★Its a Smart Launcher which lets you define a way to launch your stuff and make your smartphone experience eye pleasing..




● Build your own gesture with <strong>Blinq Gesture Anywhere.</strong>

● Based on <strong>Android 5.0 Lollipop</strong> launcher.

● Blinq's icon edit lets you change icons and icons labesls on per app basis.

● <strong>Material Design</strong> and extreme customization.

● <strong>Drawer Folder</strong>-You can put your favourite apps under a folder in app drawer.You can put as many folders as you want.You can put upto 16 apps per folder.

● <strong>Folder backgrounds</strong> for homescreen as well as app drawer folders.

● Text <strong>color picker</strong> for icon labels,you can change text color on homescreen and app drawer.

● Has options to set <strong>icon & dock backgrounds</strong>.

● Various <strong>font styles</strong> to choose from.

● Lots of different <strong>transition effects</strong> on homescreen and app drawer.

● Custom <strong>grid size</strong> on homescreen and app drawer.

● <strong>Translucent statusbar and navigation bar</strong> on devices running above Android 4.4.

● You can change <strong>size of text</strong> as well as of icons.

● Support for all <strong>icon packs</strong> made for nova launcher,adw launcher,go launcher,apex launcher etc.

● Say <strong>"ok google"</strong> to launch Google's search app(Google Now) from homescreen and app drawer on devices running on Android 4.4+.

● Customize various predefined <strong>gestures</strong> on homescreen to launch apps or set various useful shortcuts.

● You can set <strong>gestures</strong> for opening app,opening app drawer,toggle fullscreen,lock/unlock desktop,launch notifications/quick settings,recent apps and much more.

● Support for <strong>Unread Count</strong> for missed calls,unread messages and unread google mails.Also there are various unread count badges to choose from.

● Exclusive <strong>Blinq Wallpapers</strong>.

● You can <strong>backup and restore</strong> your Blinq Launcher setup.




● Add as many gestures as you want in Blinq Gesture Anywhere.

● App Drawer folders.

● More transition effects on homescreen and app drawer.

● Ability to hide apps from app drawer.

● More dock backgrounds to choose from.

● More Icon backgrounds.

● Few more app activity animations.

● More homescreen gestures.

● Unread counts [Missed call,Unread SMS & Unread G-mail]

● More text font styles to choose from.

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